Tomato hooks single and double with 12-15m PP cord

Tomato hooks are a best seller for greenhouse owners. The industry appreciated this article because it significantly simplifies and speeds up the daily work with cultivation. Our range includes tangle-free, durable and very easy-to-use hooks. You can easily unfold them and wrap them in several dozen seconds.They guarantee savings because they are not one-off, but they work well for several seasons.In addition, we guarantee you a very attractive price, which additionally contributes to savings in running your greenhouse.

Technical informations:

  • Weight: 2Kg
  • Execution: Galvanized
  • Dimensions: 14cm / 18cm / 22cm
  • Type: Single or Double
  • Cord type: PP cord UV 860 tex 1200m / kg (680 tex and 1000 tex on request)
  • Cord length 12 meters
  • Cord color: white, blue, red, green, yellow or black
  • Sales quantity: from 20 pieces – 200 pieces

Sale informations:

  • Standard delivery time: 1-3 days
  • Base price: 39,00 €

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