Tomato hooks

About us:

Since 2008, Roimex has been producing greenhouse hangers – hangers for tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. Each production batch is subject to strict quality control. The twine used for production is certified, protected against UV rays, biodegradable, or made of plastic.

We always try to analyze our products and introduce new improvements based on the comments and needs of our customers and the constantly developing market. Our machinery park is constantly modernized.

Our company’s products are known in many countries including France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovakia, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, England, Switzerland, Germany and Australia.

Technological progress and modern solutions for horticulture have a direct impact on the height of the greenhouse and its structure. This is why the hangers are so commonly used for the production of tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers all around the world.

Our customers include:

Garden wholesalers, large and small greenhouses, hobby gardeners, sellers, and many more.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have managed to select a reliable raw material for the production of hooks. The steel used in our production is resistant to corrosion, and its chemical composition allows the use of hooks in any greenhouse and in all conditions. This means that you can use our hooks all season long.

Packing and quality control:

The tomato hooks we make are packed in cardboard packages made especially for our needs from high-quality thick cardboard. As a result, the goods are intact and un-deformed. We also use special cardboard and paper spacers so that the packed product is not damaged.

Each batch of tomato hooks that leaves our machines is subject to quality control.

Each box that leaves the production hall is labeled with information about the size of the tag, the length of the winding, the type of string used and the number of hooks packed. The second label contains the production date, the number of the employee operating the machine and the weight of the packed goods.

In addition to quality control, we also take care of the final appearance.

Our products

We export our products to many countries in Europe, America, and Australia!